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We want to be the inspiring and indisputable market leader in the spreadable salads category by offering continuously superior quality and unique innovations to our customers and consumers.


  Hamal is founded


Merger of Johma and Hamal


Uniq PLC


Hamal Signature is born
Because we want to offer the consumer only the best, we have developed extensive know-how in the fields of quality and food safety.

We continuously monitor, improve and innovate our products and services − and we are very proud that this effort enables us to obtain the necessary certificates year after year.

These certificates, awarded by independent supervisory authorities, are a guarantee of the soundness of our approach.

As market leader in our sector, we are very aware that our production site has an impact on the environment. For this reason, we continuously monitor and improve our environmental practices and safeguards.

Hamal Signature has also succeeded in obtaining ISO 14001 certification, an important certificate in environmental management systems.

This certificate, awarded by independent supervisory authorities, is also a guarantee of the soundness of our approach.


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