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Erik Bras, CEO Hamal Signature

Hamal Signature, located in Turnhout, Belgium, has been an established value in the fast-growing salad market since 1962.

As market leader, with a turnover of more than 60 million euro, we are convinced that only top quality is good enough.

Every day, our dedicated teams produce inspiring innovations in addition to ultra-fresh classics.

Adhering to our motto “Something to everyone’s taste” / “Quality with a Signature”, we are certain that you’ll find a salad to your taste.

Take a quick look at the assortment of artisanal salad spreads from our 3 quality brands
− Hamal, Délio and VH − it’s so hard to choose!

Looking for something new to put on your sandwiches? You’ll surely find it on our website!

Lots of surfing pleasure!

Erik Bras


VH product overzicht
Hamal product overzicht